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I am a Ruby on Rails & Javascript web developer who loves making things better for people. I also study piano and play ultimate frisbee.


Hi, I'm Edward Anderson

I'm a contributor.

I work full time as a web developer in Durham at an awesome JRuby shop, On-Site. I love my job there, because I get to help out my teammates daily, and I contribute to a project that makes a difference.

In my spare time, I contribute to several projects as a volunteer, because I am motivated to make things better and improve my skills.
I volunteer with the LDS church and answer questions as an expert on the Rails Hotline.

Future Plans

I love a good adventure. Several years from now, my wife and I plan to travel around the world, staying in different countries for extended periods.

Edward and his wife


I've been programming since I was 10, but my first large scale web application was in 2004.
My current interest is in HTML5 and Javascript driven web applications on Ruby on Rails.
I am a North Carolina State University graduate with a BS in Computer Science. (resumé)


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Current Location: Durham, NC